Who am I?

My name is Heidi Davies and I finished my A Level exams at Llandrindod High School in July 2016.  I am an international athlete and have competed for Wales on numerous occasions and I have also represented Great Britain on five occasions; the pinnacle of this finishing third at the European Mountain Running Championships in 2016 at Arco in Italy and leading the team to a team gold medal in the process.

Why Llandrindod Wells?

I have lived in Wales since I was three and have been living in Llandrindod Wells since 2008. Llandrindod is for me my hometown. Soon after moving here I discovered running and as they say the rest is history.  I can't imagine my life without running now. Many young athletes leave their hometown to head off to University or the bright lights of America to further their running career. However, I am different and I have decided that staying in Llandrindod Wells is the best way for me to fulfill my long term running ambitions of being an elite runner….but how am I going to support these ambitions?

What do I plan to do?

In order to balance the needs of earning an income with my training to fulfill my ambitions I need the flexibility of being self employed. I have been brought up to give back to those who have given something to me. Llandrindod Wells has brought me international representation for both Wales and Great Britain and I love the town and surrounding countryside. I think that it is time for me to start repaying my hometown.

Short term plans

In the short term I am looking for individuals and businesses willing to help support me to develop my running ambitions while I start the process of giving back to the town.

1. llandrindodlife 

I have enjoyed writing creatively from a young age and recently I have developed this by starting my own blog, ( about my running experiences.
I am launching a local blog entitled “llandrindodlife” to promote the town and to support the local community by enhancing social relationships and people’s knowledge of local businesses and events within the town. Writing creatively about life in Llandrindod will be the main focus of the blog. During 2016 I will start to include blog posts focused on promoting a local business or service.   I do not want to charge for this however, I would appreciate donations to enable me to further my running ambitions; the key here is flexibility and I would be happy to help out local businesses in return for example by making some of my time available to them.
If you are an individual, local business or service and wish to be featured on the blog please get in touch.  Equally if you are organising a local event or run a regular event in Llandrindod, please let me know about it.

2. llandrindodlife community running events

I know there are a lot of runners in the community. It is great to see local club runners out training and I have been really lucky to be asked to get involved with the 'Just Move' group as an Ambassador and Leader. I train every day and do a lot of running locally with my Dad.

I have started to share my running knowledge with the local community by offering people within the town help with their running through one off training sessions, social long runs, strength and conditioning workshops, running warm ups and specific training sessions etc. Some of these sessions and runs are be entirely free, however donations towards my running career will be gracefully and gratefully accepted! Others are formally structured and will carry a small charge.

Look out for information in the local area containing the details of these sessions. You don't have to be a runner to attend, I would love to see as many people getting involved as possible!

Long term vision

I fully intend to be a successful elite athlete who remains based in Llandrindod Wells and as this develops I intend to invest in the town. I would like to help develop the town as a running centre with running infrastructure and maybe one day even an athletics track. The list of things I want to see happening is almost endless and includes: running events, running weekends and workshops, a running shop, dedicated running trails, a running drop in centre, a development academy for future athletes, a local Parkrun….

Llandrindod Wells – the future of the town is in our hands, I look forward to working with all of you in the local community to enhance #llandrindodlife